Saweetie Appears to Address Quavo's Chris Brown Diss Track by Sharing DM From Rapper

Honcho and C. Breezy reignited their beef, which started over Karreuche Tran.

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Two people posing, one in a pinstriped suit and one in a draped gown, standing in front of an emblem

Quavo and Chris Brown have been taking shots at each other in recent weeks, and their exes have been getting caught in the crossfire.

Now, it appears that Saweetie has responded—kind of. The “Best Friend” rapper took to X to post a screenshot of her Instagram DMs, which included a message from Quavo. “Hopefully the model he turns into me replies,” she wrote.

Though we can’t fully view what Huncho said to Saweetie, the first part of the message can be seen. “Damn. We used to mean af to each…,” it reads before getting cut off. One can assume that the end of that sentence likely said, “each other.”

It’s also interesting to note that Saweetie took the screenshot of her DMs in January. Saweetie is currently dating YG.

Person browsing Twitter replies, mainly from verified accounts, including a tweet expressing hope by user @saweetie

Her tweet is a response to Quavo’s latest missive aimed at C. Breezy. On Monday, the Migos member fired back at Brown on the Takeoff-featuring song, “Over Hoes and Bitches.”

“I can take a model bitch and make a Saweetie, n***a,” Quavo raps.

Elsewhere on “Over Hoes and Bitches,” the Rocket Power rapper also called Brown the "crackhead Michael Jackson" and made multiple references to his abusive past.

“Over Hoes and Bitches” is a response to Brown’s diss track from last week, “Weakest Link,” in which he claims he hooked up with Saweetie while she was still with Quavo. “Weakest Link” also mentions Quavo briefly dating Brown’s ex, Karreuche Tran—the years-old genesis of their beef—and Quavo assaulting Saweetie in an elevator. On top of that, Brown says everyone wished Quavo had died instead of Takeoff, something Quavo responds to on “Over Hoes and Bitches.”

“Don't ever bring up Take, pussy,” Quavo raps in the intro. He later raps, “I'm still fucked up about Takeoff, I want who did it, n***a / But that's some real street shit, back to the industry.”

Prior to “Weakest Link,” Quavo dropped off “Tender,” a response to Brown’s diss track, “Freak.”

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