50 Cent on 6ix9ine Plea Deal: 'I Feel Like He’s Gonna Tell on Everything'

50 Cent appeared on 'Shade 45' with Sarah Vivan and DJ Drama to discuss 6ix9ine’s current legal troubles.

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50 Cent appeared on Shade 45 with Sarah Vivan and DJ Drama to discuss 6ix9ine’s current legal troubles.

“6ix9ine’s not from the street,” Fif said. “With 69, his image was stronger than the music, because middle America, people that are actually purchasing hip-hop music—they can dye their hair blonde and then dye their hair those colors. … Hip-hop allows you to be on a safari and get close enough to the animals without being in danger, and they see him in the safari, in the middle of the whole pack, cooking.”

He continued, “What [69] saw from me was over time. He was doing it in such a short window that it was commanding a different level of attention. And then culturally, they [saying] ‘gang gang gang.’ When I get on the record with them, I'll go, ‘I am not gang gang. I do not gang bang.’ Immediately, ‘cause I don't like RICO. I don’t like conspiracy. Give me a homicide right now—I’ll take a homicide right now before you give me that.”

Fif added, “[RICO] laws were designed for you not to escape them. When I saw what I saw in the paper, I feel like he’s gonna tell on everything. That was the part that wasn’t even in the indictment—the stuff that they're saying that he's talking about are not in the indictment so he’s offering that along with everything else, and then they added those new people to the indictment.”

“I think [after he comes home from jail] that he can make music and people can hear it, but the original core and base that he tapped into won’t rock,” Fif said.

In the past, Fif has been an ardent supporter of 69, but he has since shunned the Brooklyn rapper following his arrest and decision to cooperate with the feds and betray his former co-defendants. 

On Jan. 23rd, 6ix9ine pleaded guilty in the federal racketeering case against him. There’s a drug charge as well, specifically centering on his plan to sell a kilogram of heroin (or, as the plea artfully puts it, “mixtures and substances containing a detectable amount of heroin”), and firearm offenses, too.

The 22-year-old artist faces a minimum of 47 years behind bars as of now, but it seems likely he’ll get less in exchange for his cooperation with the government. It also means that 6ix9ine is responsible only for what the Nine Trey Bloods did from when he met them in 2017, up until his arrest in 2018. His sentencing date is set for Jan. 24, 2020.

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