Chief Keef on Kanye and Trump: 'I Don't Understand That Connection'

"I don’t understand that connection, but Kanye does what he wants," Keef said.

Like many of us, Chief Keef is confused by Kanye West's political stance.

In a recent interview with British tabloid The Daily Mirror, Sosa admitted he was still a fan of Ye but did not understand his ongoing support for Donald Trump

"[Kanye] has said nice things about me in recent interviews; the man is a true legend," Chief purportedly told the outlet. (The structure and phrasing of numerous other quotes don't particularly sound like Keef. Perhaps a case of bad paraphrasing; we can't be sure.)

The 23-year-old drill rapper continued: "I am not a fan of Trump. I don’t understand that connection, but Kanye does what he wants."

Keef has been one of hip-hop's most vocal critics of President Trump. Back in January, he shared a Photoshopped Instagram post in which he was seen marching alongside Martin Luther King, Jr. underneath a picket sign that read: "G.B.E. Fuck Trump."

Keef also claimed that while he was in jail, Trump sent the Secret Service after him. The Chicagoan didn't provide any details about the alleged visit, but it may have stemmed from a 2016 video in which he was seen burning a Trump mask.

Shortly after he shared the "Fuck Trump" image, Keef released a video directed at POTUS, insisting his criticism was not a threat.

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