Lil Wayne Says He's Changed His Verses 'A Billion Times' When Collaborating With Drake

During a Q&A on Twitter, Lil Wayne spoke about collaborating with Drake, revealing that his protege's pen has made him change his verses "a billion times."

Lil Wayne and Drake

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Lil Wayne and Drake

Young Angel and Young Lion have delivered countless classic collaborations over the past decade-plus, from throwbacks like 2008’s “Ransom” and 2009’s “Ignant Shit,” to more recent offerings such as 2020’s “B.B. King Freestyle” and 2021’s “Seeing Green.”

While it’s debatable which rapper outperformed the other on each song, Lil Wayne is the first to admit that Drake has brought out the best in him.

During a Q&A on Twitter on Wednesday, Tunechi was asked a question that forced him to give credit where credit is due. “You do a lotta features on and off of your albums,” a Twitter user wrote. “Do you ever get a verse from someone that’s so hot, u go back and adjust yours? If so, can u name a few people?”

In a short clip, Wayne didn’t waste time dropping Drake’s name. “Everything Drake send back, I always have to go back and re-record,” he responded. “It’s always because he says something at the end that make me be like, ‘Ooh, I could capitalize on what he just said.’”

“I have changed my verse a billion times because of Drake,” Wayne added.

Drizzy and Weezy’s admiration for one another has been well-documented. Last August, Drake went out of his way to praise his mentor on Instagram, responding to a post from Tidal’s Chief Content Officer Elliott Wilson by sharing why Wayne is “the most selfless artist ever.”

“This man believed in me after so many never called again or just didn’t see it to begin with,” Drake commented on Wilson’s IG post. “Most selfless artist ever never held any of us back always pushed us forward every single night in people faces 20k packed into an arena and he had a whole set of his show dedicated to introducing us FOR YEARS...all praise and credit due to the 🐐”

Scroll down to see Lil Wayne’s full Q&A on Twitter.

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