Rick Ross Implores 'White Boy' Drake Not to Respond to Kendrick Lamar Diss

K.Dot's "Euphoria" response to Drake's "Push Ups" arrived on Tuesday and Rozay already has something to say about it.

Two men walking separately, one wearing a white lace shirt and sunglasses, the other in a jacket with a colorful front design
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Two men walking separately, one wearing a white lace shirt and sunglasses, the other in a jacket with a colorful front design

Rick Ross doesn’t think "white boy" Drake should bother with a response to Kendrick Lamar’s latest diss track.

K.Dot, 36, officially re-entered the ring on Tuesday with “Euphoria,” his rebuttal to 37-year-old Drake’s “Push Ups.” In the six-minute diss, Kendrick critiques Drizzy’s Blackness, career, and even his personal life, referencing his son Adonis and his beef with Pusha T.

“Do they even have Wi-Fi on their cargo plane? He may not even heard this yet,” said Rozay, 48, on his Instagram Stories. “But look white boy, I know we not friends but let me give you this advice, 'cause you ain't got nobody around you, or you ain't got no real n***as around you, let me just put it like that—ain't no real n***as.”

Rick Ross telling Drake not to respond 💀

"Don't respond... don't go write an 8 minute verse." pic.twitter.com/eusG9QVr5v

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“Stop. Don't respond,” Ross added. “You ain't even peep when the intro came on with the Teddy Pendergrass, that was that Black vibe. Don't do it.”

The MMG boss took things a step further by telling Drake to not write “an eight-minute verse” in response to Kendrick before implying that Lil Yachty, 26, would ghostwrite it for a hefty amount of money.

“I know n***a, Yachty, I know you wanna get that money. You ain't wrong, n***a, keep buying them big houses,” he said. “But I'mma tell you this is like a real n***a: ain't no more BBLs, ain't no more ass fillers, ain't no more cheek fillers.”

Elsewhere on his Stories, Ross reposted a couple flagrant tweets he approved of:

Ross responded to Drake’s “Push Ups” earlier this month with a diss track of his own called “Champagne Moments,” which got the single art and music video treatment before revealing it was produced by 16-year-old, Mini Boom. Rozay used the track and his subsequent Instagram taunts as opportunities to call Drake "white boy" countless times.

Kendrick accused Drake of being a “scam artist” trying to gain acceptance from the Black community, referencing his alleged lack of genuine connection to Black culture and questioning his street credibility. Elsewhere on “Euphoria,” Lamar mentioned the Canadian rapper’s recent adoption of braids, suggesting it as an attempt to fit in.

Whether or not Drake will issue a musical response to this latest track remains to be seen. In the meantime, he liked a post from an Instagram fan account with the caption, "That's it??"

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