Nicki Minaj Nearly Gets Hit by Flying Object During Detroit Concert, Throws It Back Into Crowd

The rapper brought her 'Pink Friday 2' Tour to Detroit on Saturday night.

Nicki Minaj wearing a black outfit, performing on stage with a microphone
Prince Williams / FilmMagic
Nicki Minaj wearing a black outfit, performing on stage with a microphone

Please keep all foreign objects away from Nicki Minaj’s stage.

The rapper brought her high-energy Pink Friday 2 Tour to the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan on Saturday night where she performed her hits such as “FTCU” and “Red Ruby Da Sleeze.”

In addition Monica, who performs nightly on the tour in the middle of the show, Minaj brought out Big Sean and Sada Baby as a surprise. Per the Detroit News, Sean performed hits like “Bounce Back” and “IDFWU” while Sada was joined by Minaj for their 2020 remix of “Whole Lotta Choppas.”

However, an unwelcome guest made their way to the stage at the end of the night.

While performing “Starships,” her second-to-last song of the night, an unknown object was thrown towards the stage by someone close to the end of the catwalk where the rapper was standing. The small item, perhaps a bracelet, just narrowly missed Minaj’s face and landed on the stage.

One of the Detroit Barbz almost got cussed tf out by Nicki for throwing a bracelet on stage.😩 #GagCityDetroit

— Chun-Li🪭 (@BadGirlChunLi) April 21, 2024
Twitter: @BadGirlChunLi

Minaj then grabbed the small article off the floor and hurled it back in the direction it came from.

The incident at Gag City Detroit calls back to a troubling pattern from last year’s concert season where fans couldn’t seem to stop themselves from throwing all kinds of objects at performers on stage.

Last June, pop singer Bebe Rexha sustained an eye injury after a man named Nicolas Malvagna threw his cell phone at her during a concert in New York City. Malvagna’s lawyer apologized on his behalf, adding that his intention was to have the singer take a selfie with his phone and give it back.

Glo Rilla kicked out two fans who seemingly threw water bottles at her during a festival performance in Sweden that same month.

Cardi B launched her microphone at an audience member who threw a drink on stage.

— Complex (@Complex) July 30, 2023
Twitter: @Complex

Cardi B infamously fought back in Las Vegas last July when she chucked her microphone at a fan that threw a drink at her mid-performance.

In other bizarre incidents from last year, a fan threw a bag of their mother’s ashes onstage at Pink’s concert and Colombian singer Maluma somehow caught a pair of crutches during his show.

Fortunately, Minaj did not seem to be harmed and the show seemingly finished without further incident.

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