Bad Bunny Fans React to Steep Ticket Prices for Most Wanted Tour

"Benito should've named this tour 'most expensive tour' cause what are those prices," wrote one fan.

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Bad Bunny fans have thoughts on the ticket prices for his upcoming tour.

The Puerto Rican rapper announced last Thursday that he will embark on a 31-city North American trek in 2024, called the Most Wanted Tour.

With the announcement came some major changes compared to his past tours, including a specifically curated setlist that excludes his mainstream hits in favor of his trap roots.

“Only trap! The tour for Un Verano Sin Ti already ended, the one for YHLQMDLG also ended. This tour is for Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana,” he wrote in Spanish on his official WhatsApp channel. “Here you will not hear ‘Ojitos Lindos’ nor ‘Moscow Mule.’ Here, you’re going to hear ‘Mr. October,’ ‘Telefono Nuevo,’ and all of that. Now you know, so that you’re not [complaining].”

Another big change comes in the venues Benito is playing. The tour is exclusively hitting indoor arenas, compared to the stadiums Bad Bunny performed in for last year’s World’s Hottest Tour. The smaller venues paired with Bunny’s rising celebrity likely means there’s higher demand for fewer available seats.

There was a wide range of responses flooding social media Wednesday from fans who snagged tickets, those left with sticker shock by the presale prices, the ones opting to sit this tour out, and those hopeful souls still praying to see Benito's live performance. See their thoughts on the ticketing experience below.

Benito should’ve named this tour “most expensive tour” cause what are those prices

— vanesa (@vanesasepico) October 25, 2023
Twitter: @vanesasepico

y’all these bad bunny tickets are $300+ for NOSEBLEEDS 😹😹 back in my day floor or 100s we’re $125+

i’ve had enough of ticketmaster!!

— jess (@jesswutinq) October 25, 2023
Twitter: @jesswutinq

Yeah nah I’m sitting this one out lmfao Benito wants us to pay for his Carliz lawsuit with them ticket prices. FOH! #MostWantedTour

— _chichi (@jenn0emi) October 25, 2023
Twitter: @jenn0emi

can someone tell me why the fuck bad bunny nosebleeds are 300+ dollars at PRESALE???
and anything in the lower sections is 700+???#badbunny #MostWantedTour

— // sarah // (@sarahkyi) October 25, 2023
Twitter: @sarahkyi

what kind of cräck is ticketmaster on with these bad bunny tickets???? is he performing in my backyard?? omg

— MB (@marbrittof) October 25, 2023
Twitter: @marbrittof

Me entering the ticketmaster room to buy bad bunny tickets and then seeing the prices

— skully (@AngieLibree) October 25, 2023
Twitter: @AngieLibree

Me leaving Ticketmaster the moment I saw Bad Bunny prices

— Parceros United (@ParcerosUnited) October 25, 2023
Twitter: @ParcerosUnited

No one buying tickets for the bad bunny presale, 15 minutes in. The prices are higher than they should’ve ever been

— gøne⁷ (@musedyoongii) October 25, 2023
Twitter: @musedyoongii

I paid $180 for this view in the same venue… why would I pay $200 for the last row against the wall in the corner of the venue.

— AT (@adriantabraue) October 25, 2023
Twitter: @adriantabraue

If you bought bad bunny tickets lmk if your job hiring

— I 🫶 (@LATlNAMAMI) October 25, 2023
Twitter: @LATlNAMAMI

Us after seeing the ticket prices for this bad bunny tour

— vanesa (@vanesasepico) October 25, 2023
Twitter: @vanesasepico

I blame Kendall Jenner for these bad bunny prices

— daniela (@yournovemberain) October 25, 2023
Twitter: @yournovemberain

Stop worrying about bad bunny tickets and worry about that check engine light

— Wilber 🇨🇺 (@WilberSuarez) October 25, 2023
Twitter: @WilberSuarez

i’m getting bad bunny tickets one way or another

— ً (@cryst6l) October 25, 2023
Twitter: @cryst6l

Me after seeing those bad bunny prices and then buying tickets 😭😭😭😭

— Sal (@SalvadorSalado) October 25, 2023
Twitter: @SalvadorSalado

Ticketmaster after selling Bad Bunny tickets

— Bad Bunny Global 🐰 (@badbunny_global) October 25, 2023
Twitter: @badbunny_global

Bad bunny seeing everybody complain about his ticket prices but still buying them

— 🐻 (@ted_deez) October 25, 2023
Twitter: @ted_deez

Bad Bunny’s Most Wanted Tour begins on Feb. 21 in Salt Lake City, Utah, and includes multiple nights in cities like Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Francisco, Austin, Atlanta, Orlando, and more. Before concluding in Miami on May 26, the superstar will perform three nights in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York.

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