Watch Saweetie and Bobbi Althoff Eat Seafood Boil Mukbang Style

The Bay Area rapper was the latest guest on Althoff's 'The Really Good Podcast.'

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Saweetie and Bobbi Althoff broke bread together for the latest episode of The Really Good Podcast.

Well, not bread per se—but seafood. Both had their own bags of seafood boil and sat down for a mukbang. While Bobbi was a bit more hesitant, Saweetie dove right in, biting on a crab leg before breaking it apart.


Interview with the beautiful @SAWEETIE 🖤 coming Thursday!

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Elsewhere in the episode, Saweetie told Bobbi, “I like your vibe."


My full episode with @SAWEETIE 🖤 is out now on YouTube, Spotify and Apple!

♬ original sound - Bobbi

Saweetie’s palate is world-renowned. The Bay Area rapper has made headlines for her inventive food combination, which include eating spaghetti with ranch, pouring ramen into a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, putting ramen seasoning on oysters, and creating a concoction called Capri Sun Hot Cheetos. Perhaps that's why McDonald's tapped her for a partnership in 2021 and launched the Saweetie Meal. Clearly, the possibilities are endless for the “Best Friend” rapper.

Watch her entire interview with Bobbi Althoff up top, where they talk about having kids, strict parents, their favorite foods, and more.

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