Young Thug Addresses His Jay-Z Comments: 'I Was Talking Too Fast'

Young Thug took to IG to address the widely discussed comments he made about Jay-Z during his appearance on the 'Million Dollaz Worth of Game' podcast.

young thug jay z

ATLANTA,GA -DECEMBER 01: Rapper Young Thug attends 4PF Bowling event at Bowlmor Atlanta on December 1, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia.(Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage)

young thug jay z

Young Thug took to Instagram to address the widely discussed comments he made about Jay-Z during his appearance on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast.

"Don't have Jay-Z on me cause of this internet shit," Thug wrote on Tuesday night. "I was talking to [sic] fast but y'all know what I meant."

Young Thug clears up his statement about Jay-Z.

— DatPiff (@DatPiff) December 30, 2020

While chatting with with Gillie Da King and Wallo267 on Million Dollaz Worth of Game, Thug curiously asserted that Jay-Z doesn't have 30 stadium anthems but that he himself has upwards of 40. [...] anthems, we talking about songs they know... Like, when I perform, I got 30-40 songs that the whole stadium gonna know," Thug said before adding, "Jay-Z ain't got 30 songs like that... the whole stadium finna sing."

“Jay-Z don’t got 30 songs like that”

We’re dropping the video of episode 93 with Young Thug at 7:30 tonight.

Listen to the audio now:

— MILLION $ WORTH OF GAME (@mworthofgame) December 28, 2020

In his defense, Thug did quickly back track on the comments soon after making them when it was pointed out that the 4:44 rapper has plenty of hits. 

"I'm just saying like, I know he do, he probably got 50 of them bitches," Thug said in response. "I'm not just literally saying him. I'm saying n**gas who you thinking..."

Unsurprisingly, Thug seeming to suggest he has more hits that Jay-Z didn't sit well with many people online.

Young Thug needs to pipe down. I was born in 1998 and can rap more Jay Z songs 🤷🏾‍♀️ these new generation rappers think to highly of themselves 🤣 nigga Jay-Z entire albums have no skips tf

— ♡ NAYA ♡ (@PrincessTherise) December 29, 2020

The same Jay-Z that played sold out B-Sides 2 shows with 40+ songs?
Thug is always saying the dumbest shit.

— slawth (@seanisslawth) December 29, 2020

D’Fuck 😂

— Big 🐰 (@FreddieGibbs) December 29, 2020

I love you thug I really really do. But you don’t have this kinda stat line soo please use someone else’s name

— A🌎🧩💭 (@KingVirgo9) December 28, 2020

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