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Drake recently dropped off the track "War."

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On Wednesday, Drake shared a new 2-hour interview he did with Rap Radar at his home in Toronto.

During the lengthy chat, Drake touched on multiple topics, including rumors of ghostwriting, Serena WilliamsRihanna, his beef with Pusha-T, Meek Mill, and much more.

"He's just made an entire career off of it," Drake said when speaking of Pusha. "Some people like his music, I personally don't 'cause I don't believe any of it. And I like to listen to guys I believe." Drake continued, "You just get to peak behind the curtain too. When I was whatever, 16, thinking that he was the biggest dope dealer in the world serving bricks to all, every corner of America, yeah sure... I was... a fan obviously more so just a fan of Pharrell and the Neptunes. I always wanted to be signed to Star Trak and stuff like that, that was the wave. Now that I'm grown-up, and I know him and the truth, it's just not as appealing."

Drake on Pusha-T:

"Some people like his music. I personally don't 'cuz I don't believe any of it."

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When talking about Rihanna, Drake commented on connecting with Chris Brown. "That person that was in the middle of us is no longer a part of either of our lives currently and I have the most utmost love and respect for her," Drake said. "I think of her as family more than anything. I felt, I actually had kind of a moment of hesitation before because I didn't wanted her to ever feel disrespected by me linking up with him." Drake recently featured on Chris Brown's Indigo single "No Guidance."

Drake on Rihanna and linking up with Chris Brown:

"That person that was kind of in the middle of us is no longer a part of either of our lives...I have the utmost love and respect for her."

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Drake on the making of "No Guidance" with @chrisbrown:

"Not only did we link back up and have a cool show moment, but we did a RECORD together...and it's serious"

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"I pulled my weight when it came to my pen," Drake said when addressing rumors of ghostwriting. "Anybody that knows me knows that my strongest talent is writing... That's why people ask me to write songs for them." 

Drake talks about the ghost-writing rumors.

"I pulled my weight when it came to my pen...anybody that know me knows that my strongest talent is writing."

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Drake also talked about his previous beef with Meek Mill and the advice Serena Williams gave him.

"We had been talking a lot about her and Sharapova going back and forth over the years and she had made this comment to me," Drake recalled. "‘If you’re gonna go again… you gotta finish it.’ And you know she’s a top competitor. So, she was like, ‘You gotta finish it. I’m talking about done. Over. It’s gotta be something that everyone that he’s with and him have to hear…' She kind of put this battery in my back."

Drake says Serena Williams is the one that said if he was gonna drop a second Meek Mill diss ("Back To Back"), he had to "finish it."

[via @ElliottWilson's #RapRadarPodcast]

Check out Drake being interviewed by Elliott Wilson and Brian "B.Dot" Miller up top via YouTube or over on Tidal.

The interview comes on the heels of Drake releasing "War." The song, which addressed his relationship with The Weeknd, also received a music video. The AXL Beats-produced track was included on El-Kuumba Tape Vol. 1, which was made in collaboration between Oliver El-Khatib and Kuumba International.

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