UPDATE 12/25/19: Marcella Zoia, a.k.a. "Chair Girl," has now been removed from Drake's new video.

Upon the sudden release of Drake's "War," some were quick to assume that Drake had anything at all to do with casting extras for his videos and promptly criticized him for the controversial public figure's inclusion. For those not up on such things, the quick version of Chair Girl's story is that she's presently awaiting sentencing in connection with an incident that saw her tossing a chair off the 45th floor of a building in Toronto. That chair, unfortunately, ended up on a highway.

Overnight, Drake shared an Instagram Story update from director Theo Skudra. "Certain people we don't condone," the update, which also saw the use of the chair emoji, stated.

Previously, Drake pointed out (again via IG) that he was indeed not in charge of such casting decisions. 

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Marcella Zoia might have some legal issues on her plate, but she still found time to make a cameo in Drake's latest video

The 6 God blessed fan by dropping a surprise single, "War" on Monday, alongside a video shot by Theo Skudra at Ontario's Blue Mountain ski resort. While most of the interest centered on Drake's accent-laced lyrics that addressed his beef with The Weeknd, others noticed that the 20-year-old known as "Chair Girl" also appeared in the visual. And they weren't too happy about it. 

Zoia became a viral sensation in February for throwing patio furniture off the balcony of a Toronto condo onto the Gardiner Expressway, endangering the lives of pedestrians below. 

A warrant was issued for her arrest following the incident, and she eventually surrendered to police. She has since been released on bail, and pled guilty to mischief causing danger to life last month. She's looking at 6 months in jail and will be sentenced on Jan. 14, 2020. Meanwhile, Zoia has parlayed the attention she's gained from the incident to jumpstart her new life as an Instagram influencer, of sorts. Zoia even posted some behind-the-scenes shots from the shoot on Instagram, but they've since been deleted. 

The fact Drake used her in the visual didn't sit well with some fans. They believe that he shouldn't have used his platform to enable someone that could've killed people, and they let him know about it on Twitter.