Meek Mill has had a long, detailed battle with the judicial system. This apparently moved him to make sure that fellow hip-hop artist Juelz Santana got a fair shot at fighting his recent case. 

Sources told  on Sunday that Meek Mill connected Santana's wife, Kimbella Vanderee, with a lawyer who helped them navigate the court process. Meek understands that agreeing to the wrong plea deal could ruin one's future, so he wanted to ensure that Santana wasn't going to be placed in a compromising position. 

Santana is now looking to pay this good fortune forward. The Dipset rapper told TMZ that he plans to take a page out of Meek's book by working with organizations whose mission is to overturn sentences for wrongly convicted prisoners. He's also going to use his position in the industry to shop music and movies that were crafted by inmates. 

Juelz was released from prison on Wednesday after serving 19 months out of his 27-month conviction for an airport gun and drug case. Santana was freed on supervised release meaning that he has to be subjected to drug tests every 15 days. But, he was able to go directly home and avoid a halfway house, as most facilities are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.