Instead of focusing on their latest masterpiece City on Lock, Yung Miami and JT keep having to address fabricated drama between them and other women rappers. 

Earlier this month, the City Girls were bombarded by Cardi B fans who questioned them for not quickly sharing and publicly supporting her new hit “WAP” featuring Megan Thee Stallion.  They quickly shot down claims that they didn’t support Cardi or Megan, the former being their collaborator on their 2019 track “Twerk.” 

“Bitch and I openly supported Cardi plenty of times but what y’all not finna do is bully a bitch NEXT,” Yung Miami tweeted in response to the swarm, later noting that those same angry stans never promote their work. 

Now in a new interview on The Morning Hustle, the City Girls are once again clarifying that there is no beef between them or any other rappers.

"Let me correct you. Cardi [B] did promote our album," JT said, correcting a host who assumed they had complained about Cardi or Megan not promoting City on Lock. "We was not talking about any artist in specific. I was talking about those fan pages."

Some stans later came after the Miami duo, assuming they were shading Cardi for saying they wanted to be on a track with Nicki Minaj.

"When we talk about Nicki Minaj, we're not doing some shade at Cardi. We're just personally fans," JT said in response to that rumor. "For us to be artists, we deserve to like everybody too. It's not nothing against her, it's not nothing against anybody, period."

The rappers made it clear that the hate is coming from fans on both sides, not the artists themselves. "It don't matter if it's Cardi fans or Nicki fans. I think they both got the two biggest fanbases," JT clarified.

Please stop trying to pit women rappers against each other. Period. Check out the rest of their interview below.