Kanye West's young presidential campaign has already run into several obstacles with the latest hurdle appearing in the rapper's home state. 

TMZ reported on Tuesday that three objections have been filed with the Illinois Board of Elections regarding the signatures West submitted to be placed on the state's presidential ballot. The state will evaluate the validity of the signatures on the rapper's petition and then hold a special meeting to determine if his name will be allowed on the ballot.

West submitted 412 petition papers last week to Illinois with signatures supporting his presidential bid. Yet, anyone can request that and the state looks into the legitimacy of these documents. During this process, state officials will verify every supporting signature to make sure that the names belong to real people and that there are no duplicates.

One objector, Sean Tenner, tells TMZ that he did his own personal investigation into 'Ye's documents and found that only around 1,000 of the 3,200 signatures submitted were valid. If this is true it would stop Kanye from getting on the ballot as he needs 2,500 verified signatures to be considered an eligible candidate in Illinois.

Kanye's venture into politics has been marred by controversial comments and concerns regarding his mental health. In fact, it was 'Ye's comments about Harriet Tubman that moved Tenner to look into the rapper's petition papers. Still, this didn't stop Yeezy from making the ballot in Oklahoma or sinking $30,000 into his push to be on the Illinois ballot.

Illinois will officially hold its special bond meeting regarding Kanye's eligibility next week.   

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