Young Thug doesn't seem moved by Sauce Walka's challenge. 

On Sunday, the Houston rapper took to Instagram where he challenged a host of celebrities—including Thugger—to a boxing match.

"2020 I’m ' Naturally ' ending all my grease wit scary ass rappers ' SO HERE’S UR CHANCE ' all Blue check celebrities that’s REALLY CELEBRITIES ARE WELCOME," Walka wrote on an Instagram post flashing potential prize money. "NO MORE GUN VIOLENCE IN 2020 let’s FIGHTS any of my famous ' OUTS ' are welcome to join or the Grease is over cause u ' SCARY ' so we can all be friends 🤷🏾‍♂️😂😂😂 @thuggerthugger1 @thuggerthugger1 WHOEVA FUCKED UP WIT ME THAT ME THAT’s FAMOUS OR I OFFICIALLY QUIT AND AND SQUASH IT."

He went on to post several videos of himself at a boxing gym getting ready for anyone who accepts his challenge. 

Thug caught wind of Walka's taunting, but he wasn't willing to jump at the opportunity. Thug responded with a comment that urged Walka to put this energy and money into building up his team and brand. He also informed Walka that it'll take more than the nearly $70,000 he placed as the pot to motivate him.

"U need to put that money into ya homies, build your label up," Thug said. "I'm sure it's niggas around u without, put them niggas to work too...boss up lil brother... I don't want no smoke with u. BTW I SPENT THAT ON GROCERIES LAST MONTH."

This is not the first time Sauce Walka has gone after Thugger. In May 2019, he posted a video of Big Baby Flava buying a dress, adding to his one-sided beef with Slime.

"My boy @thereal_bigbabyflava got something for u #Slime @thuggerthugger1 This is a #AllPurpose dress," he captioned the video. "Put this in the dryer and it jus go💨💨😂 ' 40 Dollaars '"

This comes after Walka used homophobic slurs to describe Thugger's fashion choices.