Sauce Walka, who's previously used homophobic slurs when publicly mocking Young Thug's widely celebrated fashion choices, has more to say on that topic.

Late Wednesday, Sauce Walka took to Instagram to share a clip of Big Baby Flava buying a dress, presumably in reference to Thugger's cool as shit Jeffery era. Later, Sauce shared a screen recording of a YouTube video of Thugger titled, "Who's more intimidating? Young Thug or the guy with the gun?" 

In the caption, Sauce also mocked Thugger's upcoming new music. "Gone drop that Weak ass album u tryna get clout for!" he said.

The two have sporadically exchanged words in recent months, with Thugger at one point saying on Instagram Live that he would "slap" Sauce Walka and YFN Lucci. "My teeth cost more than your little broke ass life, boy," Thugger told Lucci, his issues with whom date back to at least 2017 when Lucci said, "Pac would've never wore a dress."

Sauce Walka previously called Thugger "f*****" and "queer" in a video rant. Back in March, the issue was broached again in response to 2 Chainz's shoutout of the former.