6ix9ine's personal drama continued to play out over the holidays.

On Wednesday, 6ix9ine's girlfriend, Jade, took to Instagram, where she showed off a chain that appears to be a Christmas gift from her boyfriend. 

"Damn I wanted Minnie Mouse because your Mickey Mouse," Jade captioned a video showing off her new Trolls-inspired chain. "But this Troll doll is fine I guess Merry Christmas baby thank you."

The sight of this seemingly expensive gift and the fact Jade and 6ix9ine are still going strong despite his incarceration, didn't sit well with Sara Molina, the mother of the rapper's daughter. Molina took to her Instagram story where she accused 6ix9ine of not taking care of his child and Jade of sending shots at her. 

"Any bitch that stands by a nigga that don't take care of his kids is a corny weak bitch," Molina wrote. "Bitch you not as important to me as you think my problem isn't you I always made my issue about him not being a father not what he does for you or your daughter who ain't even his... KNOW YOUR PLACE." 

Although Molina urged Jade to mention her if she has any more social media shade to throw, she decided to respond in a subtle manner. Jade posted a graphic detailing the difference between a "BABYMOMMA" and "MOTHER" on her Instagram story. In the graphic, a "BABYMOMMA" is described as a "deadbeat" while a "MOTHER" is defined as a woman that "puts her child first." 

"We hate you baby mommas," Jade wrote. "Miserable bitches. Happy holidays to all mothers tho."

This tension comes after it was revealed that 6ix9ine has another child. Marlayna M. is the alleged mother of this child. She wrote a letter to the judge explaining that she gave birth to 6ix9ine's daughter in November 2018. In the letter, she expressed her desire to have 6ix9ine home so that he wouldn't miss any more holidays/moments with the child. 

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