The mother of 6ix9ine’s daughter isn’t a fan of the rapper, and on several occasions has put the rapper on blast.

Now Sara Molina is back at it. On Father's Day, she posted a video skit to her Instagram where she and comedian Comina Harrr make fun of 6ix9ine. “Dam @cominaharrrr_ I’m so sorry 4 mistaken u 4 my baby Daddy…,” Molina captioned the clip. “I hope u can 4 give me... #Putashi96 #PayMeInPuta.”

In the video, Comina is dressed as 6ix9ine, outfitted in the rapper’s trademark rainbow grill, rainbow hair, and face tattoos. Her friend calls him a “bozo ass n***a” and “snitch ass n***a,” and Molina dubs him “Snitch9ine” before she realizes it isn’t 6ix9ine after all.

Molina has been fairly vocal about 6ix9ine’s terrible character. In January, she claimed that he has made no effort to keep in touch with his family since he was indicted—and alleged that their daughter Saraiyah didn’t receive any Christmas gifts from him. In March, Molina called 6ix9ine a "culture vulture": “He could definitely reinvent himself, I've seen him do it a million times,” she told Vlad TV. “He's like a culture vulture, he can adapt to anything.”

As of early June, seven of the case's 11 defendants had pleaded guilty. The most recent plea, back at the beginning of May, was Fuguan “Fubanger” Lovick, who admitted to letting off a shot inside Barclays Center the night of an Adrien Broner fight in April 2018. On June 6, the complicated 6ix9ine racketeering case got even thornier, with the introduction of a new suspect and removal of an existing one.