In a series of interviews with DJ Vlad, Sara Molina, the mother of 6ix9ine's child, has spoke at length about her relationship with the currently incarcerated rapper. In a previously released segment of the interview, she detailed why she thought he won't ultimately do prison time, and now she's letting her opinion of her ex-boyfriend be made abundantly clear.

"He could definitely reinvent himself, I've seen him do it a million times," she says during the interview. "He's like a culture vulture, he can adapt to anything." During the newly released clip, she explained that 6ix9ine hadn't been manipulated into acting the way he did and that he was merely manipulating those around him. "I feel like in a way these grown men were manipulated by this little rainbow haired kid," she said.

"Money and fame will make people do a lot of things," she continued. "I was manipulated... He's a narcissist, I'm telling you that now. He's very smart, I give him that. If I can give Danny [6ix9ine] credit for anything... His brain works in an evil way but it's smart." Following his admission to involvement in three different violent incidents in 2018, the rapper is currently facing a 47-year minimum sentence on racketeering, weapons, and drug charges.

Despite this, it's already been indicated that 6ix9ine could get a lighter sentence due to his full cooperation with federal authorities. Due to his cooperation, he could even receive witness protection, which could prove incredibly difficult due to his face tattoos.