Gucci Mane will be first to admit his wrongdoings in regards to his past, highlighting just how far he's come since he was released from prison back in 2016. The Atlanta trapper turned his life around, ditching his lean belly and preaching the power of positivity. Despite his troubled past when it comes to the law, TMZ reports that Gucci will be allowed in Canada to perform at 10 different scheduled shows later this month.

The Canadian border is notoriously troublesome for touring musicians, with any involvement in criminal activities taken very seriously. Kodak Black had to cancel a number of shows last month after his border arrest, while the likes of Chris Brown, the Game, G-Eazy, and Danny Brown have also been denied entry. Sources at the Canada Border Services Agency indicate that Gucci will be welcomed with open arms, however.

With the help of an immigration attorney, he was reportedly able to secure a temporary resident permit. On his 2016 collaboration with Drake, "Both," Gucci famously rapped, "I got so many felonies I might can't never go to Canada/But Drake said he gon' pull some strings so let me check my calender."

Gucci was hit with his first conviction in 2001 when he was arrested on cocaine charges, while he later turned himself in for murder in 2005 after he was attacked at a home in Decatur, Georgia. He claimed he shot back in self-defense, and the murder charge was dropped. He's also been charged with aggravated assault and has violated parole numerous times. Since his release from prison in 2016, he has had no further legal issues.