When Chris Brown posted a meme making light of 21 Savage's immigration case, Offset called him out and branded him a lame. The back-and-forth escalated to the point that Brown sent the Migos rapper his address over Instagram DM, telling him to pull up on him. TMZ reports that this move has garnered some unwanted attention from the cops, with law enforcement sources explaining that the LAPD were called after someone was concerned for the musician's well-being.

On his Instagram, Chris Brown posted his San Fernando Valley address, which means he offered an invitation not only to Offset but to all of his 50 million followers, too. Police showed up on Friday (Feb. 8) and spoke to his security, who said there have been no issues since he posted the address. The post has since been deleted, perhaps because Brown realized it wasn't his brightest idea.

Over the weekend, Brown encouraged Offset prove he wasn't all talk. "I promise the worst thing in the world is when a singing n***a got n****s scared to fade," he wrote. "And what's lame is n***a all in my comments worried about another n***a. [...] I'ma send ya girl flowers so she know I respect her."

In January, Brown and his bodyguard were detained in Paris over rape allegations. He denied all the accusations against him, announcing his intent to sue his accuser for defamation.