In a soon-to-air episode of Wild 'n Out that was recorded prior to Bow Wow's arrest on misdemeanor battery charges, Conceited mocked the Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta star's connection to Future.

For those not up on that connection, the forthcoming mockery is in reference to Bow Wow's previous relationships with Ciara and Joie Chavis. Conceited even threw a reference to Future's classic, maximum-disrespect Gucci flip-flops line from 2015's DS2 opener "Thought It Was a Drought."

In a clip TMZ shared prior to the episode's Friday debut, Conceited proposes that he's looked at as a "loser" by his exes. "I think all your exes are psychic by the way they keep seeing the future," he said before adding an additionally joked theory that the Gucci line in question is a subtle Shad Moss diss.

Over Super Bowl weekend, both Bow Wow and Leslie Holden were arrested in Atlanta and charged with battery. "Officers were unable to determine the primary aggressor of the altercation, so both parties were charged with battery," Atlanta Police Department officer Jarius Daugherty told CNN of the arrests. Bow Wow's lawyer has since claimed that the arrest of his client was "for no logical reason," arguing that he was the victim. Holden, however, claims Bow Wow hit her multiple times and trapped her in a room. 

In addition to Holden’s 911 call, a complaint was received by the apartment building's manager which ultimately triggered a separate call to authorities.