More details have emerged about Bow Wow’s arrest on Feb. 2.

According to TMZ, Bow Wow’s girlfriend, Leslie Holden, called the cops around 4 a.m. on Saturday to report him for assault. When officers arrived, she claimed that the dispute began when they got home from a party. She then alleged that he became upset because, earlier, she had been talking to another man at the party, and Bow Wow picked a fight.

According to the police report shared by TMZ, Holden said Bow Wow “hit her in the head, pulled her by the hair, dragged her from her bedroom... and told her to get the hell out.”

Bow Wow told the police that he was mad about the other man, and said that she “disrespected him” by hanging “all over another man’s body.” He also claims Holden called him a “bitch ass n***er” when he protested her behavior.

He alleged that he only told Holden to leave their house, and put her bags by the door. He told police that she “grabbed a nightstand lamp and threw it at him.” He said the lamp missed him, but she still scratched his face, which can be seen in his mug shot.

An officer who was at the scene revealed that he saw the lamp on the floor when he went into the bedroom. Authorities also saw broken nails and red marks on Holden’s fingers. She claimed she broke three ribs during the dispute.

Following the incident, Bow Wow’s legal team issued a statement, saying he was wrongfully arrested and that he was the victim.

His attorney, Joe S. Habachy, told WSB-TV, “Shad ‘Bow Wow’ Moss was wrongfully arrested earlier this morning for the first time after being beaten by an out of control intoxicated female, Ms. Leslie Holden, in his Atlanta condominium,” Habachy wrote. “The only two independent witnesses both corroborated his version of events indicating that Ms. Holden was simply out of control and was without a doubt the primary aggressor."

“For no logical reason officers arrested both parties despite having clear-cut evidence that Bow Wow was the victim in the case," Habachy continued. "Ms. Holden beat him with a lamp, bit him on his side and spit on him while Bow Wow continually made efforts to avoid her. Bow Wow suffered multiple injuries, some of which are visible in his mugshot. Ms. Holden’s mugshot on the other hand speaks for itself, despite her allegation to police that she broke a fingernail.”

Both Bow Wow and Holden were arrested on Saturday, and charged with battery. When officers arrived on the scene, Holden claimed Bow Wow assaulted her while he claimed she did the same.