We might have gotten swept up in the Azealia Banks x Elon Musk celeb saga of the century, but Ms. Banks is not one to have just a single controversy in her midst. There’s also the ongoing conversation about her appearance on Wild ‘N Out, and now Nick Cannon is explaining exactly what went down with Complex.

Back in July, Banks shared a lengthy IG post where she accused the cast of berating her with jokes to the point of tears. “I did Wild ‘N Out today. There were tons of pre-planned colorist jokes and of course...cry baby cried,” Banks wrote under a photo of her on stage, alongside Cannon and several other cast members.

She then shelved her Fantasea II project, as members of the show denied Banks’ claims of colorism. And just two days ago, MTV released the full “So Petty” segment the rapper complained about.

“It’s funny because she actually broke down. And I was like, ‘Yo, anything you don’t want to air, let me know and we won’t do it,’” Cannon said on Everyday Struggle. “She said it right there, she was like ‘That’s very anti-black.’ I was like, ‘yo that’s not what I’m about, but if you feel that way, I’ll take it out.’”

“But really you understand that comes from self-hurt and self-hatred within, and then she exudes it out,” he continued. “You can hear it in her comments and when she speaks out. She probably has had those problems and insecurities of being a darker complexion woman. And in her community, cause she often talks about dating white men and all that stuff, she’s probably not looked at as beautiful to her other peers.”

Cannon said Banks and her team were simply unprepared to handle the format of the show. “Ultimately what it was she was just embarrassed,” he said. “When she came on, it was fair game. So we played the ‘So Petty’ game. And what happened was she didn’t, whether she was a fan of the show or didn’t know what was going on, she was a deer in the headlights.”

He also explained how he had a conversation with her after the incident while she cried, and that he encouraged her to go back on stage and finish the show. As far as Banks’ personal attack on him and his Lupus, Cannon isn’t feeling any type of way. “That was silly,” he said. “My feelings can’t get hurt.”

Watch his full interview above.