Over Super Bowl weekend, Bow Wow and his girlfriend Leslie Holden were both arrested. Police took both of them into custody early Saturday morning (Feb. 2) in Atlanta following a 911 call Holden made in which she said the rapper assaulted her. In the call, which TMZ has since obtained, Holden claimed that she escaped his apartment to make the call. She also said that Bow Wow hit her numerous times, took away her phone, and trapped her in a room.

Holden wasn't the only person to call the police over the fight, as it's been reported that the apartment building's manager received a complaint about the fight which led her to call the cops. The resident told the manager that they heard a man saying that he would "Slap the fuck out of this bitch." Bow Wow and Leslie Holden have both sustained injuries in the fight, with the rapper claiming that she threw a lamp at him prior to their arrest.

The police report that was shared on Monday stated that Bow Wow "hit her in the head, pulled her by the hair, dragged her from her bedroom... and told her to get the hell out." He maintains that he only told her to leave the house, which prompted her to throw a lamp at him. The lamp didn't hit him, but she did scratch his face, the injury of which can be seen in his mugshot.

An officer at the scene said he saw the broken lamp on the floor, as well as broken nails and red marks on Holden's fingers. Holden said she broke three ribs during the fight.

You can listen to the 911 call below.