It felt as though the whole of the internet came together to watch Soulja Boy's wildly entertaining interview on Breakfast Club when it dropped on Wednesday morning. The 28-year-old rapper told some crazy stories and made bold claims during the interview, even taking a moment to diss Kanye West, Drake, and Tyga. Most notably, he said he taught Drake "everything he knows," and in response many Twitter users began to tweet their respect for his often understated influence on the world of rap.

Among those praising him was none-other than the illusive Jay Electronica, who explained, "You have to give credit where it's due." He added that he followed Soulja Boy's blueprint for success during his earlier days, continuing, "I was even labeled a 'internet rapper' those days. #LongLiveKingDraco."

Soulja Boy's 2019 energy so far has been wild, to say the least, but it would seem as though people are appreciating it for the most part. It's unclear what Drizzy, who usually keeps to himself, or Ye, think about his comments, though.

Meek Mill is very much a fan of Soulja's latest interview, writing on Twitter, "This #BigDraco interview started my day off right." He later tweeted his apprciation for his 2008 single "Kiss Me thru the Phone," adding, "This was my favorite song when I was back in jail back in the day calling girls collect.... And I used to his bars in the letters I wrote them no cap lol."

Jazz Cartier chimed in, tweeting, "I need to be more like Soulja Boy." That Big Draco 19 energy is infectious, with Casey Veggies adding, "Soulja Boy a fuckin fool."

Blocboy JB agreed with his comments on Drake, retweeting a clip from the interview. Meanwhile, Sonny Digital said that his first "official" placement as a producer was with Soulja Boy over nine years ago. Soulja was also one of the first rappers to connect with the legendary Lil B, and the Based God himself wanted to show the love while everyone's talking about the "Crank That" rapper.