Celina Powell, who previously claimed she's had affairs with Offset, Snoop Dogg, and Waka Flocka Flame, has been arrested. TMZ reports that Powell was taken into custody on Saturday (Dec. 29) night in Aurora, Colorado after two bounty hunters staked out a hookah lounge she was appearing at.

Powell reportedly had over $60,000 worth of outstanding bonds to her name, with crimes ranging from shoplifting to evading police and traffic violations. Part of the incident was recorded on camera, with one of the bounty hunters in question shouting the n-word numerous times in a wildly misguided attempt to prove that he wasn't racist.


William Ellenburg, one of the bounty hunters responsible for bringing Powell to the Aurora PD during the early hours of Sunday (Dec. 30), reportedly told TMZ that he was trying to prove that he hadn't said anything offensive. Instead, he pretty much proved that he did say something offensive, as can be heard in the clip above.

Powell has previously dated former child pop star Aaron Carter, and earlier this year she claimed she was pregnant with Offset's baby. She later admitted that she was lying, and apologized to Cardi B. Another one of Offset's rumored affairs, Summer Bunni, recently claimed that Cardi was blocking her on all social networks. She also apologized to Cardi B, but she took back her apology later on.

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