Lil Pump's DGAF attitude has reportedly cost him a gig.

TMZ reports the 18-year-old rapper was detained by Danish police Tuesday, just hours before his scheduled concert in Finland. The details of the incident have not been revealed; however, sources say Pump and his crew were detained because someone in the group was seen "holding something illegal." 

During his encounter with officers, Pump decided to take out his phone and broadcast the events on Instagram Live. He then started to taunt the cops and went as far as to give one of the cops the middle finger. To absolutely no one's surprise, the officers weren't too thrilled about this.

According to TMZ, once authorities caught wind of Pump's antics, they decided to extend his detention, so much so that Pump was forced to cancel his performance in Finland. The outlet points out that Live Nation's website states the show had been canceled due to "unexpected events."

Insiders claim Pump has not been formally charged with a crime and that he's expected to be released within the next 24 hours. We'll keep you posted if any more details about the incident become available.

Pump has had a number of legal troubles throughout 2018. He was arrested back in February for allegedly firing a gun inside his San Fernando Valley home. About six months later, he was arrested once again in Miami for driving without a valid license. Pump addressed the arrest on social media, claiming he would spend time behind bars for violating his probation. 

"Y'all seen what happened in Miami," Pump said in a video. "I got arrested... I'm on probation in LA. I violated my PO, so I've got to go in and do a couple months. I've got some crazy ass shit dropping while in there." 

It's unclear when, or if, Pump served his time