Lil Pump has been arrested for discharging a weapon in an inhabited place.

Pump was taken in by authorities Wednesday afternoon at his San Fernando Valley home after multiple people allegedly tried to force their way in, TMZ reported. Upon responding to the initial call, cops reportedly discovered a single bullet hole in the front door of Pump's home. The alleged suspects were no longer on the property.

Pump's team told authorities that three men were seen "jimmying" the front door of the house before he fired the shot. The single bullet hole cops later found, according to TMZ, appears to have came from inside the residence. Police eventually came back to the property with a search warrant. During the search, cops found an unloaded handgun below the balcony. Though the weapon itself was empty, police reportedly found ammo inside the residence.

The shot fired by Pump, his team said, only happened "out of fear" and may have hit one of the suspects. His team is said to be reviewing surveillance footage from the property. Weed was also reportedly found at the residence, which has unfortunately resulted in authorities also investigating Pump's mother.

Prior to TMZ's report, Boonk hit social media to discuss what he had heard about the incident. "All I know is some n****s tried to rob Pump, Pump [shot at them], police was called," he said. "There was no evidence of anything, so I guess they took him in for him shooting. I don't know. Free Lil Pump."

Pump has recently been prepping his new mixtape Harvard Dropout. As for any new label deals, he's not presently interested in settling for anything not in the "12 to 15 mill" range.