Bobby Shmurda has been incarcerated since December 2014, less than a year after his breakthrough song "Hot N***a" went viral. The now 24-year-old rapper's rise and fall is among one of the quickest in hip-hop history, and when his lyrics were used to indict him and 14 other members of his crew GS9 on a litany of charges, it was a landmark moment.

Now Shmurda's mother, Leslie Pollard, has finally given as an indication as to when he'll be free. "One of those mornings but the time is ticking 25 months he will be here soon," she wrote on her Instagram. If what she says about her son is right, that means Shmurda will be free by November 2020.

Previously, Pollard said Shmurda was "maintaining great spirits and will be home before you know it." TMZ also reported earlier this year that he's expected to be eligible for parole in 2020, instead of the initial date of 2022. He was originally sentenced for six to seven years, but thanks to the days he served prior to his sentencing, two years could be shaved off. His next parole hearing will reportedly take place August 2020.