In December 2014, police arrested 15 members of GS9, including Bobby, on a litany of charges, the most serious of which were conspiracy to commit murder, illegal gun possession, and drug trafficking. Shmurda was depicted as a leader in this organization, and his bail was set at $2 million.

The validity of these charges varies, depending on who you ask. Supporters point to recorded conversations between GS9 members, who police claim are speaking in code to make illicit deals. They point out that Shmurda himself had rapped about crimes in his lyrics—although there are rulings against admitting this as evidence during trial. Shmurda himself has recently stated that his lyrics were "fiction rap."

Detractors point out a lack of any reported, documented incidents of drug transactions or cash exchanges, that the phone calls were circumstantial, and that there was no smoking gun to prove conspiracy. Critics feel that Shmurda's celebrity ensured he would never get a fair shake—a claim Shmurda and his family also maintain.

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