Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda was arrested back in late 2014, pleading guilty to one count of third-degree conspiracy and one count of weapons possession in September 2016. TMZ is now reporting that his time in prison could be coming to an end sooner than planned. In fact, he could be out as soon as 2020 rather than the previously expected release of 2022.

TMZ says law enforcement sources have told them Bobby will have a parole hearing in August 2020, meaning he could be released from Clinton Correctional Facility as soon as December the same year. Bobby was sentenced to six to seven years back in 2016, but thanks to his time served before sentencing, the date of his possible freedom has been brought forward by two years.

Bobby, who is now 23, was in jail from December 2014 until his sentencing in September 2016, meaning he's getting credit for 685 days behind bar. As that's almost two years of time served before his sentencing, his parole hearing will now come two years from now instead of four. 

Unfortunately, that could all change if he runs into some more violations while in prison. He's already received 11 violations, including fighting, possession of a shank, and drug possession.