Some artists have voices born to be contorted by vocal effects. Lil Mosey is one of them. A song like “Pull Up” is as repetitive as it is mesmerizing. Mosey doesn’t say anything of note over the course of three minutes, but that’s not what the Seattle artist does well.

The real joy of a song like “Noticed” is how his voice melds into the beat. The track is about your average rapper stuff—drinking lean, not being broke, and how it feels to have haters—but it’s the overall mood that’s worth succumbing yourself to. In an August interview with Complex, the recent Interscope signee described his rapping style.

“I wouldn’t consider myself a mumble rapper, because I don’t know what that is,” Mosey explained. “But when I talk, I mumble. So it’s in my music because that’s how I talk. I’m not going for that sound. I tried to make myself be able to talk better than that and I couldn’t. That’s how I make music. It’s fire like that, though, so I don’t gotta change nothing.