Ski Mask the Slump God is asking for fans’ prayers. On Wednesday morning, the 21-year-old rapper revealed he has been struggling with a heart-related health issue for quite some time. And, after years of avoiding the problem, he will finally undergo surgery to fix it.

“I Stunted My Growth And Got Some Type Of Fat Boy Disease And Have To Get Surgery Over My Heart On My Chest,” he tweeted. “Been Avoiding This Since The Start Of My Career. Checking It Out Today With A Positive Mind. Pray For Me.”

Though the details of Ski Mask’s condition have not been revealed, his use of the term “fat boy disease” indicates he’s trying to keep his spirits high—which, as many of you know, is always important when dealing with a health scare.

Since Ski Mask’s announcement, friends and fans have been showing nothing but support and love.

News of the surgery has cast a dark cloud over an otherwise exciting time for Ski Mask. Earlier this month, he was tapped as the campaign star of Bape and Undefeated's Spring/Summer 2018 collaborative collection, and also announced that his long-awaited Beware The Book Of Eli project would drop sometime in April.