Overnight, video surfaced of an apparent altercation between Smokepurpp and Russ' crew.

The video's surfacing follows Russ' comments on the Breakfast Club in which he alluded to having video of an incident involving either Purpp or Yung Bans. Purpp, however, has since clarified further details surrounding the clip, which was apparently taken earlier this year surrounding the Splash Festival in Germany.

"There's, like, two green rooms and a bathroom," Purpp said after the video surfaced. "I go, I use the bathroom, I come out the bathroom . . . There's, like, seven big-ass n****s just standing outside the bathroom. I ain't never seen these dudes in my life, ever. So I come out the bathroom and one of the dudes is like 'You good?' So, where I'm from, if somebody asks 'You good,' there's beef."

Purpp added that he originally thought the group was going to take his chain. "I fought all of them," he said. "Russ did not do shit."


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In Instagram comments, Russ also responded to the video's release:


#russ speaks on the footage that came out

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Previously, Purpp criticized Russ for his comments on artists' use of Xanax and other drugs. Purpp's friend and frequent collaborator, Lil Pump, has also publicly declared "Fuck Russ" in recent months: