As promised, Thursday brought an official release of Makonnen and Lil Peep's "Sunlight on Your Skin."

The track was recorded in London during sessions for a planned collab album. Though "Sunlight" marks the posthumous Peep cut's original iteration, its official release was preceded earlier this month by an alternate version featuring contributions from the late XXXTentacion, whose parts were recorded after Peep's death. That version was released under the name "Falling Down" and kicked off a debate about posthumous releases among Peep fans.

Speaking on that debate in a recent interview with XXL, Makonnen defended the track's release. "It's not [like] he made a song to another song and Lil Peep had a song to another song and the label was just like, 'Oh, let's put these the two parts together 'cause it will make a bang,'" Makonenn said when asked about the "skepticism" to which some have approached the XXXTentacion-featuring version. "It's [that] this person was inspired to get onto this version of this song that Lil Peep and me originated. I don't know. What do people want?"

When first teasing the collab last month, Makonnen said he was "honored" to have co-written the song with Peep. "Peep and I always believed that music heals and brings people together in a way nothing else can," he said.