Will Smith surprised countless fans when he joined Jaden Smith on stage in Miami during the younger Smith's first opening set for J. Cole's KOD Tour.

Now, fans are getting to see the behind-the-scenes moment that led up to Will performing with his son for the first time.

"Jaden's first night on tour with J. Cole so we're coming to support," Will says at the beginning of his YouTube vlog. But it wasn't long before he went into dad mode. "Jaden's first show. First day. We here and he just left and went to a restaurant like 40 minutes before he's supposed to be onstage," he said, later noting that it's Jada Pinkett-Smith's fault. "I wanted to be more disciplined with the kids and she had a different point-of-view. So what we get is Jaden, he gonna show up late on the first day of his own tour," he said. "If he don't [make it], it's the Pinkett part of his blood."

Luckily, Jaden came through with a little over five minutes until showtime—just enough time for the father and son to do a quick practice session to determine when the action star would come out to deliver his verse on Jaden's song, "Icon." Afterward, someone hilariously asks Will if he wants to run through the rap one more time, but the seasoned rhymer had to put him in his place. "Nope, you know how long I've been doing this?"

The video later shows Will coming onto the stage to a hyped up crowd. "Everybody got up," says Jaden as they head backstage after the cameo. Now we're looking for the collab with Willow, who performed with Jada at Afropunk ATL last year.