Tokyo, the "number one place" Jaden Smith recommends we all visit, is the setting for his new video for "Ghost."

Smith's SYRE follow-up is due next month and was apparently influenced by some key JAY-Z advice. "I decided to talk to Hov and he told me he thought the album was cool and he said as I got older I would space out my verses more and I'd say more with less," Smith told the Fader Thursday when dropping off the "Ghost" video. "That's the total inspiration behind my next album."

Believe in ghosts below.

At the top of the month, Smith announced that SYRE: The Electric Album would be available July 8. It's not currently whether this is the same project that was originally teased as Erys, a backwards spelling of SYRE that also makes an appearance in the "GHOST" video and accompanying YouTube description. Given that Smith opened for Fall Out Boy on their M A N I A Tour last year (and starred in their "Champion" video), perhaps this "electric album" will feature a pop-in from Joe Trohman or at least that infamously ostracized deer-boy.

In vaguely related news, there's apparently a legal battle of sorts going down between the Smith co-founded JUST water company and plant-based food brand Hampton Creek. BuzzFeed News reported Thursday that Creek, which rebranded as Just Inc. in 2017, is in the middle of a recently escalated dispute with Smith's company over the products to which each respective Just can attach its name. There's even more to the story, as you'll see here.

Speaking of plant-based activities, Smith is notably down with the meat-free burger providers at Impossible Foods.