This week Umami Burger is set to debut their latest Artist Series collaboration by teaming up with ComplexCon performer Jaden Smith to pump out Jaden's Impossible Trio, which are three sandwiches named after the fact that you'll think it's impossible that they contain no meat.

These new burgers, which will be available through the end of 2017, will seek to be "environmentally conscious," as they use about 75 percent less water, 87 percent less greenhouse gases and about 95 percent less land than conventional ground beef. Additionally, some Umami outlets will offer JUST water, Jaden Smith's water line that comes in eco-friendly bottles made from 82 percent renewable resources.

"[I'm] trying to satisfy different flavors for people while, at the same time, trying to give them a plant based burger that they can enjoy," Smith said, making his case for his burgers. "But I also want there to be a social impact and social change aspect to it as well. So one dollar of every burger that is sold through my partnership with Umami is going to be going to a specific for hurricane relief. I feel like this is very important for moving into the future of humanity with the plant-based diets for the world. And this is at the forefront of food technology and I just want to be a part of that positive change."

The Impossible Trio (which will feature a normal, Korean barbecue, and Umami barbecue version) will be unveiled on Wednesday during the Artist Series launch party at the Umami Burger location in Los Angeles' The Grove. It's available for $15, with (as Smith said) $1 going to hurricane relief efforts at participating locations.