Legendary Roots Crew drummer and part-time DJ Questlove spoke with BuzzFeed's AM to DM about his emotional and intellectual reaction to Kanye’s rampantly increased support of President Trump. As you might’ve expected—or not, who can predict anything anymore?—Questlove is really disappointed with Kanye’s behavior and appears at a literal loss for words multiple times throughout the short exchange. 

“For the first time…I thought I was done,” said Questlove in response to the recent, flabbergasting tweetstorm that contained some of Kanye’s most polarizing statements on the social media platform to date.

“Him embracing a president that embraces white supremacy and…I don’t know,” he said. “I can’t—which is words like, ‘I just can’t’ or these cliche words that you see people use all the time, but…not like this.” When prodded further as to whether or not he truly feels like this, Quest confirmed. “I can’t. Twitter is losing their mind,” he said. “For the first time yesterday, I thought I was done, and I went to sleep before midnight. I don’t like what I’m seeing.”

Many feel similarly to Questlove right about now. What might've seemed at first as a creative plea to destroy the left/right paradigm plaguing so much of our national political discourse, it quickly descended into unabashed support of President Trump

As for Kanye, his statements are now reportedly being used to sell MAGA merchandise, with the right wing suddenly in adoration of the man who once famously stated that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.”

How quickly it all changes.