Grim Sickers' place in the grime scene will be forever cemented thanks to reload-worthy bangers like "Kane", "Open The Till" and the "Black Bin Bag Him" remix. He's been co-signed by just about everyone in the game and even legends like Mike Skinner have thrown their weight behind the Swindon-born emcee. As you can see from his selections below, Sickers has always had an ear for a big chorus and can spot a classic a mile off. But there's more to the spitter than just big singalong choruses: his freestyle and clashing abilities have been more than proven along the way, and he's also dealt out more than his far share of sends.

Complex sat down with the rowdy mic man to talk through the tracks that shaped him. If you're expecting BBK, N.A.S.T.Y. Crew or Ruff Sqwad, you're in for a surprise. Although, there's a very reasonable argument to be made that the Dirty South rap that fills his Soundtrack has more in common with Grim Sickers' flow than even Roll Deep.


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