Watch Gunna Fans Cause an Upper Balcony to Shake During “Fukumean” Performance

The rapper is currently on his The Bittersweet Tour.

(Photo by Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic)

Gunna's show at the Fox Theater in Detroit could have ended horribly on Monday night if the upper balcony had given way to fans jumping up and down to the Atlanta superstar's hit record "Fukumean."

The scary situation was captured on video and shared on social media, showing fans at the upper balcony level turning up to Gunna's show. They had such a good time that the balcony was moving uncontrollably, which could've led to a more severe situation had something gone wrong. Right under the balcony were thousands of people on the main floor.

The crowd at Gunna’s concert had the balcony shaking when he performed “F*kumean”.

— XXL Magazine (@XXL) May 7, 2024
Twitter: @XXL

A similar situation happened in 2022 during a Baby Keem show at Saint Andrew's Hall in Detroit, where the rapper had to end the show early because the floor became unstable from fans jumping up and down. Video footage from that show showed the ground under the venue begin to sink into the next floor. 

Venue officials stated a screw became loose, and the decision was made to call an early end to the show as a safety precaution. Keem was told during the show what was going on, and he told the crowd, "The floor is cracking, so for y'all safety, for everyone's safety...Detroit, I love you. Believe me when I say I'll be back."

He added on Twitter, "FUCK !!!!!!! DETROIT !!!!! WE BROKE THE FLOOR !!   ILL BE BACK !! BELIEVE THAT !!"

The venue was eventually deemed unsafe by the city and shut down indefinitely. JID also experienced the same thing back in 2019 when law enforcement had to stop his show at Ithaca College because the floor had become unstable.

@JIDsv broke the damn ceiling 😭🔥

— ☾ (@telllthemoon) February 10, 2019
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