This week’s episode of OVO Sound Radio got off to a great start.

On Saturday night, host Oliver El-Khatib opened the 44th show with the latest EP by John McSwain, a.k.a. Vacations. The five-track project is titled More Love and is made up entirely of Sade and Drake mashups. We already know Drizzy, a well-known Sade stan, would approve of these masterpieces. 

Things started out with “Lover’s Smoke,” which mixes the rapper’s “Free Smoke” More Life track with the singer’s “Lovers Rock.” It was followed by “Gylaskin” (a mashup of “Gyalchester” and “Skin”), “Get It Together, Give It Up” (self explanatory), “Can’t Cherish Everything” (“Can’t Have Everything” and “Cherish the Day”), and “Never Thought I'd See the Passionfruit” (“Passionfruit” and “I Never Thought I'd See The Day”).

You can download More Love here or stream it below.

Vacations is a Brooklyn-based DJ/director/editor whose known for his easy-listening mixes, which include everyone from Jeremih, Sango, J Dilla, and, of course, Sade. He also DJs the regular Sade Night at Kinfolk.

“I wasn’t really into much R&B back then, most of it was just too cheesy for me, but I always liked Sade. I grew up with my parents listening to lots of Gloria Estefan and Sade and I always appreciated both but didn’t think too much of them at the time,” he explained in an All Day Every Day interview. “But when ‘Lovers Rock’ came out I was consumed, and it brought back all kinds of memories for me. Sade has always had this mystique, this all-powerful cool. I think the music’s held up unbelievably well over the years, and it’s no wonder she has such a cult following.”