Age: 21
From: New Orleans, LA
Twitter: @PellYeah
Essential listening: Floating While Dreaming

Pros: Bringing “dream rap” to the forefront.

Cons: His unique style may scare off true hip-hop heads.

Stop us if you’ve heard this before: X-rapper doesn’t sound like he comes from Y-city. But there’s really no better way to explain 21-year-old rapper Pell. Think for a second what style of rap resonates with New Orleans. Pell gives you the exact opposite in his music, punctuated by his latest project, Floating While Dreaming.

Records like “Dollar Store” and “Runaway” are a great place to experience this difference. Pell hits listeners with layered melodies and focused rapping about his unique story of growing up in NOLA. His style has been described as “dream rap,” and that label certainly fits. He even flexes his vocal chops from time to time, though he does sound eerily similar to Chance The Rapper. Which, unfortunately for Pell, makes him sound a little less intriguing. Still, he's making good music. That should be evident no matter where Pell comes from. —Edwin Ortiz