These days, by and large, rap humor comes in the form of things like making fun of Drake's new album cover on Twitter—hilarious, to be sure. But there was a time when rap was funny because rappers themselves were actually trying to make you laugh. Like, on purpose! For entire songs!

Boston rapper Michael Christmas falls into the grand tradition of these rappers, the ones who are comfortable joking around in ways that don't only involve talking about stealing your girl, who are just regular guys going for a laugh. At least, that's the persona he takes on in this hilarious and well-made video for the song, "Daily," which sees Christmas going through his daily routine while rapping over a fantastically minimal beat.

His tone is totally deadpan, and his humor flits between spot-on observations about modern life ("I'm stuck on Instagram like 'would I shave my crotch for this?'"), ridiculously mundane punchlines ("I can't wash my hair/I hope I got a square/I step into the breeze like 'this some fucking air'") and rap bravado in all the wrong places ("Ima chew these wings like Tyson won titles"). It's low-key, low-stakes and totally brilliant, particularly when paired with the silly, equally deadpan video directed by Goodwin.

As a whole, it cuts through the noise of other, more upbeat day-in-the-life song and video pairings. The subtitle on YouTube asks "Is This Art?" It's irreverent, it's funny and it's unique, so, sure, why not?

Check out the video for "Daily" above.

[via Pigeons & Planes]

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