Age: 20
From: Chicago, IL
Twitter: @DreezyDreezy
Essential listening: Schizo

Pros: She's a talented lyricist with fiery delivery.

Cons: She needs to match the hype of “Chiraq” with a song of her own.

In a long line of remixes to Nicki Minaj’s “Chiraq,” there was perhaps none better than Dreezy’s. The Chicago rapstress snapped on the track, throwing lyrical bombs left and right, and attracting Internet buzz in the process. Of course, while “Chiraq” put her on the map, Dreezy is much more than a one-trick pony. Her mixtape Schizo, released earlier this year, finds her spitting over everything from piano-driven ballads to trap beats. She delivers both hard-hitting verses and airy choruses, displaying an impressive versatility throughout. “Chiraq” may be her calling card, but a solid skillset proves that this Windy City rhymer is one to watch. —Chris Mench