LabelInfamous Records (distributed by Sony Red)

Any time a hip-hop legend (or legends) releases a new album, it’s an anticipated event. Here, with Mobb Deep, there’s even more to be excited about. The duo hasn't dropped an album as a group since 2006, yet they’ve managed to remain relevant in the eight years since Blood Money, their one and only G-Unit release.

Through the break ups, make ups, EPs and solo releases over that time frame, the Queens twosome has still commanded the respect that they’ve earned over the last two decades. The Infamous Mobb Deep derives half of its name from their 1995 classic, and so it should come as no surprise if this album is loaded with grimey New York tough talk and a sonic chemistry between Havoc and Prodigy that fans came to love. What better way to come back together? —Adam Fleischer