Album: Britney
Producer: The Neptunes

Britney's "Boys (Co-Ed Remix)" was a hybrid of the syrup pop tunes that were standard fare for Britney circa 2000 but it still had a bit of that dance pop thump her later hits boasted. She sang at a whisper, her voice lathered in seduction, "I just want you to touch me." It was seductive without having to get on the floor and crawl around naked with a python.

Meanwhile, Pharrell spits a typical 2000s Skateboard P verse where he's all like, "Yeah, I wear cargo shorts all year round but I will totally steal your girl from under your arm." Although it never charted, the Janet Jackson influenced song (the "get nasty" is a reference to Janet's "Nasty") was another creative success for The Neptunes and Britney who gave each other more credibility in the hip-hop and pop worlds, respectively. —Insanul Ahmed