Album: The Idler Wheel...
Producer: Fiona Apple, Charley Drayton
Label: Epic

The Idler Wheel... is one of the most cohesive albums of the year, and that makes it hard to pick out a single, but in 2012 there were few moments in music as powerful as hearing the visceral, almost tribal chorus on Fiona's "Every Single Night." The song starts off delicately, but the tide turns when Fiona sings, "That's when the pain comes in/Like a second skeleton, trying to fit beneath the skin."

The intensity on that line, less than 30 seconds into the album, is just a hint of what's to come, but it's a powerful one. "Every Single Night" showcases Fiona's talent for turning her struggles and weaknesses into a very human expression of strength, both gentle and muscular, feminine and commanding. She's capable of appealing to raw human nature unlike any other. — JM

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