When it comes to enjoying entertainment these days, there are more options than ever. If you're already over re-runs on Netflix and Hulu, memorized all the lyrics to Lil Uzi Vert's two new albums, and can't bring yourself to watch Trolls: World Tour, then it's probably time to open up Spotify and discover your next podcast obsession.

First hitting the media landscape as just an app that refused to be deleted, podcasts—whether video or audio—have quickly turned into a cultural phenomenon that brings actors, essential workers, artists, politicians, athletes, journalists, and everyone else in-between to the mic to share their differing opinions into microphones every week.

But, options, right? It can be so hard to sort out all of the options for your next audio download. From the professional podcasters who command big attention and carry large audiences to the guys in their garages rambling about all-time player rankings or random film trivia, there is plenty of content to choose from in these digital seas. Thankfully, that's where we come in.

After listening to an insurmountable amount of podcasts, we've boiled the podding landscape down to these very best of the best shows out right now. Ranging in topic from investigative storytelling, sex, music, social justice, skateboard culture, money moves, and more—we've put together something truly for everyone.

These are the best podcasts on Spotify. — Zachary Harris

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