Podcasts: streamlined, personalized entertainment. Never has it been easier for entertainers, intellectuals, and eccentric celebrities to reach their audiences directly.

In the old days, radio stations broadcasted plays, long-form interviews, and dramas. Then, television killed radio; over time, people lost the ability to "see" with their ears. But now, decades later, everything has come full circle. 68 million people listen to podcasts on a monthly basis, according to a study at Concordia University St. Paul.

Perhaps aural media will always have a dedicated niche; you can't watch videos at work, and you can't watch videos while driving a car. But if you travel a lot, work from home, or work with your hands, a good story, told in soothing tones over headphones or car speakers, can do much to pass the time.

If you’re just getting into the medium, or are all caught up on your faves and looking for something new, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best podcasts Spotify has to offer. We tried to include a little bit of everything: some true crime, some science, some politics, some sex. No matter what your interests are, there’s a pod out there for you.

These are the best podcasts on Spotify.

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